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Heir Transplant

track cover

track cover

By Robert J! Lake ( Bandcamp , YouTube , Twitter ).
Released 4/13/2016.
Duration: 3:22.

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Tracks that Heir Transplant references:

Artist commentary:

Robert J! Lake:

Homestuck updated today for the first time in MONTHS. Crazy, right? Celebrate with another preview track for Stuckhome Syndrome Part 1 V1: Years in the Past! (Still out 4/13, the day the comic ends forever. It’s been seven years, can you believe that?)

Thisn’s a redo I started a while back of Heir Transparent, without any of the material from Doctor (just the stuff I added for my mix). So it’s a rearrangement of a remix that’s 2x removed from the source, now? god this title is dumb but whatever i still love it

I might add strings, says me about every song now I guess. This would sound great with strings, though, so I will most likely! do that

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