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By David Ko.
Cover art by Phil Gibson (Tumblr, Twitter, External (
Released 3/14/2011.
Art released 10/25/2017.
Duration: 1:43.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.


Tracks that FIDUSPAWN, GO! references:

Artist commentary:

David Ko:

(Tavros' Battle Theme)

uHHH...I DON'T REALLY KNOW HOW TO BEGIN THIS COMMENTARY. So I might as well just introduce myself as MightyMoose. I do a lot of really short tunes for Homestuck that are often more silly than epic-sounding. And this is another one! More specifically, this is a remix of Radiation's "dESPERADO ROCKET CHAIRS" in the style of a Pokem-- er, Fiduspawn battle.

As a handful of you on the forums may know, I've always been a bit of a Pokemon fan. Other songs included in Alternia have focused more on SGRUB or Flarping, but I've wanted to do a Fiduspawn song for a while now. This song kind of acts as an homage to both Tavros and the old Pokemon games. I tried to invoke the style of the battles in the classic Game Bro Boy versions when creating this song.

Listen closely and you can hear snippets of other Homestuck pieces! I absolutely love doing this. (Most of my other songs feature the opening notes of Vagabounce somewhere. Ooh, go find them! It's like a treasure hunt!)

Toby Fox:

This track was awesome to work on. David's songs are always really darn fun, and while fiddling around with it I was barely cognizant of the irony that I was arranging someone else's remix of my own track. Hope you all enjoy the little touches I did with the drums and the weird guitar-ish NES synth.

This is probably the music that's playing in game when Terezi and Karkat are playing on the cover.


(original track art)

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