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Do Androids Dream of…?

track cover

track cover

By Robert J! Lake ( Bandcamp , YouTube , Twitter ).
Released 4/13/2016.
Duration: 2:44.

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Sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep
Sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep

Sheep sheep sheep sheep sheep sheep

Artist commentary:

Robert J! Lake:

Oh hell. Okay. So this was originally written for the Jade album that never happened (more on that later) but then I reworked it after it was pretty clear no more Homestuck music was going to happen (at least for a while) for a game called Sheep Keeper, which, amazingly, never ended up coming out. And I can’t find the source file; this is all I have. So you get the sheepy version, and there is almost nothing about sheep in Homestuck except for Aradia, and this song doesn’t feel like it really fits her, and I’m fully admitting this is getting pushed past the 43 mark on the album proper. THAT SAID: I think the melody is cute and solid, and I like the bouncy production. Which is, you know, why it’s not relegated to nothingness here.

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