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Skaian Ride

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By Andrew Huo andrewhuo Bandcamp andrewkhuo Twitter andrewhuomusic6964 YouTube (composition) and Seth Peelle beatfox Tumblr beatfox DeviantArt (arrangement).
Cover art by awildcale the-cale Tumblr.
Released 6/13/2010.
Art released 4/13/2017.
Duration: 3:04.

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Artist commentary:

Andrew Huo: (composer, Bandcamp rerelease about blurb, excerpt)

Symphonic piece made in Sibelius 5. Composed for MS Paint Adventures.

Andrew Huo: (composer, Bandcamp rerelease credits blurb, excerpt)

Composed by Andrew Huo. Mastering by Seth Peelle using Garritan Personal Orchestra.

awildcale: (anthology artist, Tumblr)

skaian ride

heres my piece for the vol 5 anthology project! the song is super peaceful and calming to listen to, i highly recommend it. also, the alpha kids! remember act 6 intermission 1? i thought, why couldnt this have happened during more peaceful times? maybe with the kids doing stuff they liked to do instead

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#jane crocker #roxy lalonde #jake english #dirk strider #guns #man if i forget a tag im sorry im kinda sick lol

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