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Requiem for a Daybreaker

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By koba kobacat Bandcamp kensabrush SoundCloud Spotify Spotify kensabrush Twitter YouTube YouTube kobacat Tumblr Other.
Cover art by DDP disegnidipizzo Tumblr.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 4:36.

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Artist commentary:


before making this track, I never made an original song for a LoFaM album (my previous one was taken from a CaNMT album), so my idea for this song was to remix a Homestuck song that didn't get much attention in the scene. one of my favorite songs from Alternabound was 'Requiem of Sunshine and Rainbows'. so my plan for this track was to create a remix more slow-paced but also felt more consistently intense compared to the original song. there's multiple melodies from the original song heard in this track, though it might be hard to hear them at first listen since some notes are changed slighly and the melodies are slowed, but i swear they're in there somewhere pls trust me

Also I found out after composing the track is that this song was the first time anyone has referenced Requiem of Sunshine and Rainbows apparently?? i want that to change so this song is going to be a message to everyone to also remix the original song because it is great and i love it
thank you very much


An underrated track, i hope i could represent the feelings it conveys well. It reminds me of Kanaya's statuesque poise and her active fierceness, with a deep sense of repressed anger, finally let loose, and the following exhaustion from over-extersion. She is crowned in the dotted line of her impromputations and surrounded by a ring of rainbow blood. I know technically she shouldn't have both the lipstick, the chainsaw and an unperforated stomach at the same time, but i did it anyway for the sake of iconography. The lack of a symbol of her shirt is deliberate and a callback to her ancestor.

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