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Everyone Here, Fine and Happy, Let's Eat Some Cake and Play a Song

track cover

By sunsprite sunsprite YouTube _sassacre_ Twitter.
Cover art by ricemilk ricemilk413 Tumblr ricemilk413 Twitter.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 3:34.

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Artist commentary:


The game finally ended. Come over, let's eat some cake and play that song your dad liked.

The base motif is Harlequin, but it's jazzy. One of the main inspirations is Moonsweater by David Ellis, it's great.

Playing everything on real instruments just feels a bit different to me, and I like that. It was very fun to iterate on the parts and do all different solos.


My inspiration for this was a track art for "unlabeled" off of "One Year Older". It's basically what came to mind when I saw that title and heard the song, although the vibes of the songs themselves are different. I didn't even look back at it through the course of working on my piece, but now when I do, it ended up being very similar. I was *also* informed that it looked like the painting "Freedom from Want" by Norman Rockwell, which was completely unintended but a very funny coincidence. The POV is our main character. If I was to redo it, I'd make it more playful to fit the song better, but I guess the feeling that I was stuck with was "safe" and "belonging". The feelings that perhaps many of us yearn for.

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