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Lilith in Starlight

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By Malcolm Brown dragonxvi SoundCloud dragonxvi Tumblr DragonXVI Twitter.
Cover art by Sera B. serabell Tumblr.
Released 6/12/2016.
Duration: 3:51.

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Artist commentary:

Malcolm Brown: (composer, booklet commentary)

This track's actually effectively a second go at a previous track I made called "Mother" which blended Black Rose/Green Sun & Aggrieve in a sort've more mystical tone.

It focuses on the more fantastical elements of Homestuck, like vampires & wizards & eldritch horrorterrors from the furthest depths, and I envisioned Rose & Kanaya milling around the Troll library during the timeskip, reading up on ancient lore and having a dance together.

There's a little bit of Enya influence sneaking in, particularly with all the humming choirs, and then halfway through we go into a bit of Yasunori Mitsuda inspired celtic dance and a little excerpt of Darling Kanaya before slowing down and ending on the Aggrieve melody again.

Sera B.: (track artist)

When Malcolm told me this was a Rose/Kanaya piece I got hung up on the idea of them having a little dance together in the meteor library. I figured it would be a sweet way to demonstrate the darker, more elegant aspects of the song and its liveliness at the same time.

I chose to have Kanaya as the lightsource to put a little more of a literal spin on the title-- Rose as Lilith and Kanaya as her starlight.

Just the two of them in their own little world, sharing a romantic moment!

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