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track cover

By Seijen.
Cover art by Kate Griffith.
Released 9/9/2017.
Duration: 4:26.

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Artist commentary:


Time and time again I make a drum and bass song and im never satisfied with the drum mix. Like the time befoe and that time before. The snare is powerful but the kicks are never too prominent without being overtly compressed. Its always the same as the last time. But this track was a little different, instead I said "ooh that was horrible" because like the time before the kicks never seem to be enough. Its just the same as the last time. But those basses though. so ill. I feel sick now. Just like that time I ate at that Chinese place. I got sick there the time before but that was a year before. "Oh that was so gross" I uttered after taking my first bite of that gen. tso chicken. It was just the same as the last time.

Kal-la-kal-la: (album help)

The concept of vampires has existed for millennia. There seems to be a split amongst modern depictions between vampires as grotesque being and vampires as alluring and beautiful. Exsanguinated, with its vocal samples describing disgust, expresses this, and the track art displays the dichotomy well, depicting a very beautiful Kanaya Maryam with blood in all the colours of the rainbow dripping from her mouth. Were it that Homestuck neurofunk should have a particular aesthetic sensibility, it would be bloodied rainbow-drinkers.

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