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Black Hole / White Door

track cover

By ehlsea ehlsea Tumblr ehlseamusic SoundCloud.
Cover art by Circlejourney circlejourney Bandcamp circlejourney SoundCloud Circlejourney YouTube circlejourneyart Tumblr circlejourney Twitter Other machinasolis SoundCloud.
Released 9/9/2017.
Duration: 3:14.

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Tracks that Black Hole / White Door references:

Artist commentary:

Circlejourney: (track artist, booklet commentary)

This track was reassigned to me after the original artist dropped out. I decided to further extend the image formed of Crystalendofgames' and Ultimate Alchemy's track illustrations after several people expressed assent when I aired the idea on the LoFaM server.

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Circlejourney: (complete illustration)

Circlejourney: (booklet commentary)

(continued from above)

While brainstorming illustration concepts, I immediately to attached to the idea of an image of the victory platform gang silhouetted in the light of the Sburb logo, and went with it. It's a shame that this scene is physically impossible due to the clouds being higher than the victory platform, but the picture looks far too plain without them.

Kal-la-kal-la: (album help, booklet commentary)

The final boss is beaten. The game is won. The lights fade and the world begins to disappear. A gaping maw drags all into it, even the very fabric of reality. In the distance, a door opens.

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