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Flare (With Vocals)

track cover

track cover

Tags: John, Rose, Dave, Jade

By horizon ( Bandcamp , YouTube , YouTube , Twitter ).
Cover art by PV.
Released 12/25/2012.
Duration: 3:02.

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Tracks that Flare (With Vocals) references:


Things fall apart so easily;
they break away at the seams

And it seems
this is the life I was fated to lead
Dreams dead in the water
and you ought to let them pass

I wanted something better than this;
than a postmortem kiss
and three years to miss you
but it seems that's all I'm gonna get;
it's best to forget

Last night I dreamt of you -
you were beautiful, amidst a sky of blue

It was only the two of us,
hearts beating synchronously

Do you feel for me?

I heard a song the other day;
it reminded me of the way
I love you
and how I never got to say that to you

So many things I wanted to do;
so many dreams
left for dead in the water
drowned and gone;
just smile and let them go

I wanted so much more
than a game we were born to lose
I wanted so much more
so much more for you

Artist commentary:


Flare has always struck a place in my heart, for many reasons. Plazmataz has always, always impressed me, but Flare just evoked something simply raw in the depths of my mind; I knew then that I had to use that feeling as a kind of empathy towards the Beta kids. Though it was used in a specific moment in canon, I chose to write lyrics from the point of view I could most appreciate -- the pain associated with love when life hands you something you don't know how to survive.


I have been listening to Horizon's renditions of Homestuck music with her lyrics for a while now, and Flare has always been my favorite one she did. I hoped I could make a picture that represents the feeling of closeness beween the four kids in getting through the game that I feel in the words she wrote.

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