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Tags: Squiddles

Squiddles In Sunglasses

By Eston Schweickart (SoundCloud, Tumblr).
Cover art by RaChoTamer (Tumblr, Twitter).
Released 12/25/2012.
Duration: 1:08.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Tracks that Squiddles In Sunglasses references:

Artist commentary:

Eston Schweickart:

Squiddles in Sunglasses was originally part of a 6-part Homestuck medley that as going to be around 12 minutes long when finished. Halfway through I realized that I didn't like anything I was writing, so I did what any good artist does when faced with self-doubt and gave up. A few months later I listened to the old project files again and liked this part enough to make it its own piece. I think inspiration for this style came from Average White Band's Pick Up the Pieces but I can't remember for sure.

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