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By Arzenic ( Tumblr ).
Cover art by Scarodactyl ( Tumblr ).
Released 12/15/2013.
Duration: 3:07.

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Head is shaking.
Knees are aching.

Thoughts are spiraling.
Caught compiling.
Median interest.
Nothing to tie us.


Artist commentary:


This song was my first serious attempt at incorporating vocals into music. At the time this song was created, I had no recording equipment other than a mic on my webcam (and I actually used that same thing to re-record the vocals). Since the audio quality was incomprehensibly bad, I ended up messing around with equalization and limiting a lot, and because of that, I had to change the song to compensate. It went from a more acoustic song, to a song that used a lot of percussion, to even chiptune at one point. It finally settled on this pad-synth kinda' style, and I'd say I'm pretty pleased with that.

Excluding the actual production, hte subject and title of the song, "Medium", really stood out to me while I was making it. The Medium holds all of the planets, all of the life, and all of the excitemnt of S___b. Actually, it holds everything that there is about the game. So, I wanted to make the song sound vast, but I also wanted it to be a bit more personal. Maybe "vastness of the mind" could be a good description. All in all, I'm satisfied wit hthe osng, and I hope whoever hears it will be as well.


I really enjoyed working on this one. Trying to get the entirety of The Medium into the canvas in a coherent way was an interesting challenge.

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