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Electric Fireflies

By Thomas Ibarra (SoundCloud).
Cover art by Elanor Pam (Twitter, External (
Released 12/15/2013.
Duration: 3:39.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Tracks that Electric Fireflies references:

Artist commentary:

Thomas Ibarra:

Many of my recompositions tend to be experiments with lemotiffs, and Electric Fireflies is no exception. While largely focused around the light flicks of piano melody within Firefly Cloud and the song itself by Erik "Jit" Scheele, I found my experiment to take a coures of its own. I tried to follow Jit's carefully integrated elements of Doctor to discover that his method employed a much more flowing and intertwined realization of instrumental melody; this was something I felt tha I did not achieve. I felt refreshing to observe what can only be described as mastery of melody, theme and atmosphere. It was a pleasure to make this piece.

Elanor Pam:

Sketched and colored in Paint Tool Sai and color adjusted in Photoshop.

MY WORKSPACE TABLET IS INCREDIBLY SHITTY I AM SO SORRY CALLIE DESERVED BETTER THAN THIS also I actually forgot about Dirk's sword and only noticed it when I was about to post haha whoops

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