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By keyboard cait ndividedbyzero Bandcamp ndividedbyzero SoundCloud.
Cover art by Yorick Cobb.
Released 12/15/2013.
Duration: 3:07.

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Tracks that Waveform references:

Artist commentary:

keyboard cait: (composer, booklet commentary)

In June 2012, Homestuck Volume 9 was released, and I was real excited. Given that it had been months since the whole team had made a new collaborative effort, I took no time in replaying the album several times a day for weeks after its release. As you might expect, this kinda gets into your subconscious. And one night, I had a dream. I was in my room, listening to Trepidation. Then... actually, I'm pretty sure that was the whole dream. When I woke up, I begain thinking about what the dream could have meant. My conclusion was that I should probably listen to Trepidation some more. And I did. And it ended up becoming my favorite Homestuck song.

About seven months later, I reminded myself about the fact that the LOFAM 3 project was probably about to start soon. Resolving to make a quality song before the selection process began, I decided to make a Trepidation rearrange, given that I practically knew all its notes by heart by then. So I opened up FL studio, and began working nonstop for the next day and a half to finish it. It ended up quoting not only Trepidation, but also Negative Aperture, Miasmajesty and Upwards Movement, and I'm pretty proud of the end results!

Yorick Cobb: (composer, booklet commentary)

This picture started out digitally as an attempt to imitate N's original placeholder, but I had to restart it when the pen on my tablet wore down. Because I am more comfortable with physical media, the piece was free to go in more interesting directions. I feel digital art is better suited to applications like music art, so I added distinctly digital colors.

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