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By Lark Mordancy larkmordancy Bandcamp.
Cover art by sayachan-art.
Released 12/15/2013.
Duration: 3:18.

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Artist commentary:

Lark Mordancy: (composer, booklet commentary)

Sburban Jungle has been stuck in my head since the moment I first heard it in Homestuck, and the rest of Michael Guy Bowman's work is equally memorable. For this piece, I chose to mix Sburban Jungle with 69423 from his album Comfortable Bugs. As for the title, well, I'm thinking of a number between 450 and 850...

sayachan-art: (track artist)

This music gave me a ton of inspiration for the track art but I ahd to draw a lot of different things and concepts before I actually came down to what I really wanted. For starters, Sburban Jungle has always been the music that kick started the game for the kids. For a beautiful track like this I felt the need to be a bit more abstract, so as the kids rise up, they bleed this colourful and glitchy glitter and the image itself follows the sequence of the Zodiac Signs (Trolls amde the kids), Green Spirograph (Beta Kids session) and the game reset which amde the Sburb logo red (Alpha kids session).

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