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AlterniaBound - Commentary

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AlterniaBound Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube (playlist)

Toby Fox:

Bad news for everyone.

This album is not here to explode your pants off. This album is not one that is going to give you a hemmorage from headbanging too much. If you want hard-rocking, excellently mastered, brainkilling tracks, look no further than Tensei's STRIFE! album. It should wet your whistle for heavy metal, and possibly any other multitude of wind instruments you present to its sweaty, testosterone-laden spray.


This album is for a special group of people. The people that open the AlterniaBound flashes in one tab and then leave them on repeat, just so they can listen to Horschestra 4000 times. These are the people that complained incessantly when Eridan's theme wasn't on an album, even though it hadn't even existed in the comic yet. Some of these people have named their children after MSPA characters.

You terrible, wonderful people. This album is your fault.

Now go forth and enjoy: Not in MP3, but in WAV; not in OGG, but in FLAC. The nostalgia-rich AlterniaBound tracks you all sought so dearly have been padded out by new experiences, forged from feverish hearths by several of our greatest musical madmen in order to breathe new life into a setlist you saw long coming. The bonus tracks have been tweaked, the equalizers have been set, and the fans, the fans are stoked like the blazes these beats were born hence. Hopefully you will find the tracks carved out from these sick fires to be... sufficiently ill.

Now! Let it begin, young ones. Just keep in mind:

Once you pop, the games don't stop.

Oh, and the games.


Andrew Hussie: (MSPA news post)


As promised, another album this month.

I think I'll let the music speak for itself! It is a collaboration among numerous artists, but Radiation did most of the legwork in organizing this effort. Super cover art by SaffronScarf!

Homestuck: (Bandcamp download blurb)

Album includes 8 -- EIGHT!!!!!!!! bonus tracks AND a PDF booklet full of commentary by the musicians!



Homestuck: (Bandcamp info blurb)

Music by:
Toby "Radiation" Fox
Joren "Tensei" de Bruin
Erik "Jit" Scheele
Malcolm Brown
Thomas "EidolonOrpheus" Ferkol
David Ko
Paige "Aborted Slunk" Turner
Alexander Rosetti
Mark Hadley
Seth "Beatfox" Peelle
Nick "OMGTSN" Smalley

With soundfonts by The_Eighth_Bit

Special vague thanks to Alexandra "Lexxy" Douglass

Cover art by SaffronScarf

Quasar Nebula: (wiki editor)

Track art for Alternia and AlterniaBound is from the Alternia/Bound track art anthology projects! Original track artworks, which were largely (though not entirely) crops of panels from the webcomic, have been left in the commentary for each track.

Arisen Anew Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Tensei: (booklet commentary)

(Aradia's Homecoming)

When I made this track, I kinda felt like Aradia needed a new, very upbeat theme song for her god-tier dreamself to contrast her previous emotionless ghostly/robotic self. This song is also supposed to kinda chronicle her change from robot to god tier, which is reflected in the Vocaloid voice becoming gradually less robotic, and the introduction of more and more acoustic instruments as the song goes on, while the synthesizers take a backseat.

Radiation noted that the start of the song somewhat resembles the song "Fly Away Now" from the anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, which, for once, wasn't intentional, but is still quite appropriate, as both songs describe a transformation sequence.

Stylistically this song is really all over the place; I drew inspiration from Eurobeat, Dance, Shibuya-kei, Disco, Acid Jazz and even chiptunes, but I tried to all mold it into a distinct personal style of electronic music, rather than basing it on a single artist or song.

The voice sample is from the Dr. Who episode "Blink".

Coincidentally, the album version of this song is actually a version that was remastered at a lower volume level to fit in better with the album. The original versions (i.e. the versions that I mastered myself) of "Arisen Anew" and "She's a Sp8der" will be available for free in 192 kbps mp3 format on my tindeck account.

Toby Fox: (album organizer)

So why start with this track? Tensei's album was last, so starting with another solid track by him starts us off with a good impression and holds the listener up from where they were. It's almost like an unofficial continuation of his album's narrative this way... sorta like musical fanfiction, I guess.

That, and the whole song kinda reminds me of an anime opening where Aradia undergoes a 3 minute transformation into a maid costume. Please imagine this.

Homestuck: (original track art)

Karkat's Theme Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Toby Fox:

(Karkat Walkabout)

Alternia began when I created Crustacean.

AlterniaBound began when Andrew asked me for a looping version of that track - Crustacean - to use in a flash. Initially this song was simply so, but after I learned more about the scope and depth of the AlterniaBound project... I decided that more of a change was in order for the track. (It was at that point that I also decided it would be cool to have some hidden tracks... leading to the early premiere of many tracks that would eventually be on Volume 6.)

A little while ago, I finished the "final version" of this track. It's not incredibly melodic or wrenchingly dire like my usual fare, but it still remains one of my own personal favorites:

  • It's pompous, alien, and goofy - in short, pretty accurate of Karkat and Alternia as a whole
  • It subtly implies that tuba is Karkat's instrument of choice, which we all know is entirely true

I hope you like it too. And if you don't, I hope it pisses you off as much as it annoys Karkat to have this song play wherever he goes. That's all I can hope for.

Homestuck: (original track art)

Trollcops Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Erik Scheele:

(Alternate Universe Intermission)

So this pretty much happened when Radiation went "yo jit make something" and I was like "okay", and then later I was like "bluuuuuuh don't know what to write", and then Radiation went "do trollcops", and I went "no that's dumb, stupid dumb, what is trollcops even", and Radiation went "DO IT JIT YOU BUTT", and I was like "NO RADIATION I HATE EVERYTHING". And then, Mellotron samples happened, and here we are. Also, it should be pointed out that in the version with vocals, there's a name drop of the fan music piece that this is based off of. Yes, it takes this long to re-use things, sometimes.

Besides that, I dunno, just enjoy it.

Toby Fox: (album organizer)

Don't tell anyone, but this is actually a remix of one of Jit's old fansongs called 'Under the Hat,' which was a battle theme for Dad. So if your heart still pines for him... his soul and pipe are contained deep within this track.

So damn catchy and sleuthy.

Homestuck: (original track art)

BL1ND JUST1C3 : 1NV3ST1G4T1ON !! Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Malcolm Brown: (booklet commentary)

(Terezi Investigates)

Inspired by Lexxy's awesome Art Team Tip Jar wallpaper and the scene in which Terezi conducts a rather silly investigation RP into Tavros' murder. It's a delightful bit of dark humour sandwiched between lots of murder and grimdark.

It's a combination of her theme (Elements of 'The Lemonsnout Turnabout') blended into a track inspired by various pieces from the Pheonix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban games and a bit of those modern, dancey crime drama series' theme tunes (NCIS springs to mind). Sburban Countdown also makes an appearance because it's awesome and fits really well.

I've also tried to sync in bits of the story as it happens, so you'll hear a bit of Gamzee honking in the distanec, andthe whole thing builds up to that special climax.

HOP3 YOU L1K3 1T, 1T W4S 4 PL34SUR3 TO M4K3!

Toby Fox: (album organizer)

People kept asking me for a Phoenix Wright remix of Lemonsnout Turnabout, so Malcolm creating this was essentially a miracle, especially considering he hadn't been around since Squiddles.

Thank you Malcolm. That kiss at the end? That's me kissing you.

Homestuck: (original track art)

Terezi's Theme Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Toby Fox: (booklet commentary)

(Terezi Walkabout)

Terezi's theme evolved when Andrew asked me to create a looping version of Lemonsnout Turnabout.

Lemonsnout is a very narrative song. It didn't feel right to repeat a single part of it indefinitely, so I instead took several motifs from it and re-implemented them into a new track. It has a similar chord progression, and in ways of instrumentation it has the harpsichord as the main instrument, oboe, deep piano, triangle, and the "tick tock tick tock" woodblocks that are the eternal harbringer of her courtroom judgment.

After I first completed the song, I noticed that the track was kind of short. That's when I came up with the idea for the second part of the piece - a reprise of "Theme" from the Alternia album. This shows that Terezi has another side to her beyond her devious Alternian judgment: She truly cares about her friends, so much that she has a certain level of tender emotion that almost puts Karkat to shame. I'm not sure if the bifurcation of the piece worked really well as a faux videogame track, but I think it fits her personality.

Homestuck: (original track art)

Dreamers and The Dead Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Thomas Ferkol: (booklet commentary)

(World of the Afterlife)

A piece for the characters in the afterlife, mainly Feferi, and the general ambience of the dream bubbles. Originally, I tried a mix of various brass instruments, percussion, string orchestra, koto, and an electric bass. It didn't feel right. So I pushed that piece aside altogether and restarted with an instrumentation more reminiscent of that used in "Cuddlefish," the troll theme I made for Feferi right before I joined the music team. The intro piano was meant to feel spacey, reminiscent of "Eldritch" and "English," sort of bringing the listener into the afterlife. When the flute enters, I feel that this was as Feferi communicated with the Elder Gods of setting up her dream bubble. The orchestral crescendo brings us to the area deep in space where the bubbles float. From then on, we travel past several bubbles, just absorbing the scenery. The rest of the piece contains glimpses of other events within the bubbles, such as Feferi and Jade's dream chats and the shocking developments concerning the troll session's guardian code. And, of course, a major key ending for all the happy folks floating around in the afterlife.

Toby Fox: (album organizer)

Thomas is continually on point with his orchestral stuff. He actually made a bunch of awesome troll-related tracks that are on his tindeck.

Go check out the track "Cuddlefish" - he actually uses a minor version of the melody from that at 2:50. Dude is a talent.

Homestuck: (original track art)

Vriska's Theme Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Toby Fox: (booklet commentary)

(Vriska Walkabout)

I knew Spider's Claw was much too harsh to be used as anything but a battle theme, so when it came to AlterniaBound I decided to just start over with a remix. I cobbled together a collection of unrelated soundsets and generated a jazzy, laid-back version - which, despite its tempo, still sounds kind of jarring and discontent due to the clashing of textures between instruments.

The tune's upbeat enough that you can't stand up to it. It will kick you down. It's pretty strong for how dinky and messy it is! It's also the kind of piece that could be kind of pretty if its voice wasn't cracking every three seconds. Chances are you'll either enjoy or find aspects of it extremely annoying... but that's kinda the way she is.

Like Terezi's theme, the piece's second part contains another reprise of "Theme" in the piano - but to contrast the other Scourge sister, Vriska's version of "Theme" is hopeless and dark. Where Terezi showed hope and emotion, Vriska only shows fear, anger, and loathing due to the repression of her own emotions, her upbringing, and her rotten attitude. In the flash, the high and low of the theme repeat indefinitely... on the album, the piece ends, but on an unresolved chord.

Who knows what's up next for her?

... oh, and if you're looking for the full verison of Spider's Claw, wait until Volume 8, ok????????

Homestuck: (original track art)

She's a Sp8der Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Tensei: (booklet commentary)

(Adventure on the High Seas)

It should be pretty obvious that this song is supposed to be one big homage to Hans Zimmer, or more specifically his work on the Pirates of the Carribean movies, though I drew some inspiration from Danny Elfman and the Monkey Island series as well. Oddly enough, this song was actually entirely done BEFORE the troll ancestors were ever introduced (hence the rather inexplicable Crustacean-remix at the very end), as it was inspired by a piece of fanart that portrayed various trolls as pirates.

When writing this song, I kinda envisioned a big ship to ship battle between Vriska and Eridan, with a bumbling Karkat acting as comic relief at the very end. It's actually quite remarkable how well the song translates to a Mindfang/Dualscar theme song, even though it wasn't really intended as such when I wrote it.

Toby Fox: (album organizer)

I love this track. The end is some serious Skipper Plumbthroat shit. Cue Karkat the Angry Crab pinches him on the nose. Tee hee.

Homestuck: (original track art)

FIDUSPAWN, GO! Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

David Ko: (booklet commentary)

(Tavros' Battle Theme)

uHHH...I DON'T REALLY KNOW HOW TO BEGIN THIS COMMENTARY. So I might as well just introduce myself as MightyMoose. I do a lot of really short tunes for Homestuck that are often more silly than epic-sounding. And this is another one! More specifically, this is a remix of Radiation's "dESPERADO ROCKET CHAIRS" in the style of a Pokem-- er, Fiduspawn battle.

As a handful of you on the forums may know, I've always been a bit of a Pokemon fan. Other songs included in Alternia have focused more on SGRUB or Flarping, but I've wanted to do a Fiduspawn song for a while now. This song kind of acts as an homage to both Tavros and the old Pokemon games. I tried to invoke the style of the battles in the classic Game Bro Boy versions when creating this song.

Listen closely and you can hear snippets of other Homestuck pieces! I absolutely love doing this. (Most of my other songs feature the opening notes of Vagabounce somewhere. Ooh, go find them! It's like a treasure hunt!)

Toby Fox:

This track was awesome to work on. David's songs are always really darn fun, and while fiddling around with it I was barely cognizant of the irony that I was arranging someone else's remix of my own track. Hope you all enjoy the little touches I did with the drums and the weird guitar-ish NES synth.

This is probably the music that's playing in game when Terezi and Karkat are playing on the cover.

Homestuck: (original track art)

Darling Kanaya Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Toby Fox: (booklet commentary)

(Kanaya Walkabout)

I didn't call it "Kanaya's Theme" because I didn't think that it was stylish enough for her. I originally wrote it as the theme just for walking around her house, but I think it turned out to fit her really well as a character despite my own doubts.

Like Terezi's theme, "Darling Kanaya" isn't a remix of her Alternia track (Virgin Orb), but it contains some similar stuff. There are heavily vibrato'd strings... wavering, luscious 7th chords... melodic piano... lots of arpeggios... and a general uplifting feeling of satisfying, calm emotion. She is one of the very few characters in Hivebent that I would categorize as "sane" by human standards, and thus actually one of my favorite trolls. And despite the semi-low quality of the instrumentation, this is one of my favorite tracks by myself.

It's all kind of ghostly and heartfelt, like a sad look out the window with a romance novel in your lap, and then a knowing, welcoming smile. I think that makes sense considering she's an undead vampire now! Or not.

Homestuck: (original track art)

Requiem of Sunshine and Rainbows Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Paige Turner: (booklet commentary)

(Rainbow Drinker Kanaya)

I wanted to make a Castlevania: Symphony of the Night-influenced theme for Rainbow Drinker Kanaya even before Radiation announced he wanted one, so this was a perfect opportunity for me. Somehow a bit of Infected Mushrooms influence got mixed into it as it became more synthesized and trancey.

The chiptune segment at the end is basically a nod straight to the original Castlevania games; I wanted to make the Castlevania influence obvious.

All the song titles from the SotN soundtrack have appropriately gloomy and foreboding names like "Moonlight Nocturne", "Requiuem for the Gods", "Land of Benediction" and "Death Ballad". Kanaya is basically the Alternian equivalent of a goth, and I've always found it hilarious how goths and vampire-fans on her world are all about sunshine and rainbows, so I thought it would be funny to incorporate that weird dichotomy into the title.

Toby Fox: (album organizer)

I like the idea of having two diametrically opposed Kanaya tracks one right after the other. Saves me the trouble of pointlessly bifurcating Kanaya's song like the other ones.

What is a troll?

Homestuck: (original track art)

Eridan's Theme Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

David Ko: (booklet commentary)

(Eridan Walkabout)

O come all ye scallywags, sing along with me,
(For) we are the royal trolls, the terrors of the sea!
We pillage and plunder, and we never compromise,
We'll sail these raging waters 'till we take our glorious prize!

We run from no enemy and we can feel no pain.
All of the lower bloods will quake under our reign!
To build metal death machinse to do just what we crave,
To pummel all the land-lovers until they're in the grave!

Masters of the tide,
(The) stars shall be our guide.
If you're not a royal blood,
You'd better run and hide!

Confiscate the crown,
Swing the ship around,
Take a swig of Faygo just to wash the whiskey down.

Instrumental Break

Our brave and fearless leader is...
What a hopeless romantic...
From matesprit to kismesis, his feelings are frantic!
His poor broken heart has been shattered on the floor,
But he'll never stop until he can have her for "shore!"

Come all ye scallywags, sing along with me,
We are the Royal Trolls, the terrors of the sea!
We pillage and plunder, 'cause we know we've got the nerve,
We'll rule these stormy waters and we'll take what we deserve!

Masters of the tide,
(The) stars shall be our guide.
If you're not a royal blood,
You'd better run and hide!

Confiscate the crown,
Swing the ship around,
Take a swig of Faygo just to wash the whiskey down.

Yar har, anchors away!
Soon we'll be coming to ruin your day,
Just resign to your fate.
Soon you'll be made into Gl'Bgolyb bait.

Toby Fox: (album organizer)

Lyrics by David Ko.

The only thing I'd like to note is the middle section remixing Alex Rosetti's Catchyegrabber. I mean, I'm not the voice of Eridan... and it's a bit of a parallel... but... you know all those people you saw in the flash animation? They were ONLY in the opening sequence. They left after the theme song ecause they realized Plumbthroat was about as bright as a lump of seaweed. He doesn't have any friends. Even the Squiddles refuse to love him. He is one damn lonely man.

Homestuck: (original track art)

Nautical Nightmare Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Toby Fox: (booklet commentary)

(Eridan Boss Battle)

Originally Nautical Nightmare was an orchestral piece for Rose's Denizen.* I wasn't completely satisfied with the end result so it was ultimately scrapped, but the melody and chords kept dancing in my head. MANY months later I discovered the Ultimate Megadrive soundfont by The_Eighth_Bit and I decided to remake it as a boss theme for Eridan. Basically everything about the song changed - the only thing that remains is the main melody and chords.

It's not a really overwhelming track because Eridan is a bit of a joke, but I'm pretty happy with it. The bassline and solo section are some of the sassiest I've ever written, the melody is still really catchy, and the action is persistent. Just listen to that thing a couple times and I'll be damned if it doesn't get stuck in your head.

*I have since done something better called "Earthsea Borealis." Maybe you will hear it someday.

Homestuck: (original track art)

Nepeta's Theme Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Toby Fox: (booklet commentary)

(Nepeta Walkabout)

Beep beep, meow... it's a remix of Walls Covered in Blood if you didn't notice~

The original Walls was actually pretty divisive - either people loved it or they thought the Mario Paint instruments were too much to bear. Here we get the best of both worlds - the catchy theme without the weird instrumentation! (And if you liked the original better... well... great! Because it still exists.)

I decided to hit on some of the more Latin aspects of her theme without a self-imposed limitation on what instruments I could choose. So I threw in some vibraslaps, some bongos, and a steel drum. To extend it for the album, I just decided to add EarthBound instruments and beatbox to the second part of the original song. Always a failproof plan!


Homestuck: (original track art)

Horschestra STRONG Version Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Alex Rosetti: (booklet commentary)

(Equius Walkabout)

Neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh. Neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh. Neigh neigh neigh. Neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh. Neigh. Neigh neigh. Neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh. Neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh.

Neigh neigh neigh neigh. Neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh.

Toby Fox: (album organizer)

Neigh neigh neigh, neigh neigh.

Neigh neigh? Neigh.

Seriously though, despite its goofiness, this is one great track. Alex Rosetti is easily one of the best composers on the team, and despite being often limited by his electronic instrumentation palette (he usually composes for real musicians to play), he's pulled this track off and several others fantastically.

Did I mention we're in love?

Also, the SNES funeral section interspersed with a small amount of Walls Covered in Blood at the end is just brilliant.

Homestuck: (original track art)

Blackest Heart (With Honks) Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Toby Fox: (booklet commentary)

(Prelude to a Killer Clown)

This track went under most people's radars when it was first released because it really was a soundtrack for a situation that had not yet taken place.

Andrew asked me to add some 'brooding honks' to it... and some amazingly hilarious juxtaposition occurred that somehow made the piece even more frightening to all those that played it at 6am in the morning.

Now people love it. Step one to improvement - add clowns!

Yep, that's my voice, by the way.

Homestuck: (original track art)

Midnight Calliope Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Mark J. Hadley: (booklet commentary)

(Gamzee the Killer)

When trying to come up with something for the flipped-out Gamzee, I decided to stick with the basics and write a short calliope melody in a minor key. As it loops, however, a dark dronining backdrop becomes gradually more apparent, a darkness beneath the playfulness implied by the first part. The calliope fades out until only the droning sound remains, showing in essence that playtime is over. Also, I figured nothing makes carnival music sound more twisted than for the tempo/pitch to change, so I had the whole thing start gradually slowing down over time, giving it an even more unnatural feel. I wanted one last build-up near the end to build tension, and as it fades out and the listener is just starting to relax... HONK. honk.

On a side note, I think I enjoy writing creepy music more than any other kind of music.

Toby Fox: (album organizer)

Soundtrack-wise... I think this was one of the greatest moments of Homestuck. This track makes my hair stand on end.

Homestuck: (original track art)

Chaotic Strength Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Thomas Ferkol: (booklet commentary)

STEP 5: Get a towel because GOD DAMN so much sweat.

(Samples from "Number of the Beast" by Iron Maiden and "The Riddle Wants to Be" by Madder Mortem.)

Toby Fox: (album organizer)

Thomas composed this right after the flash between Gamzee and Equius... if you can, just imagine the beginning of the song playing as Gamzee stares into Equius's face... and then the "YEAHHHHHH!!!!" just as Equius breaks the string around his neck with a manly flex.

Awesome fighting ensues.

That didn't happen though.

Homestuck: (original track art)

Trollian Standoff Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Tensei: (booklet commentary)

(Triple Showdown Combo)

This was the song that accompanied THAT ONE FLASH WHERE NOTHING HAPPENED. This is also the song that probably had the quickest turnabout rate from being written to being used in a flash, which happened over the course of only a day or two.

I actually wrote this in direct response to all the people making spaghetti western jokes and references about the way the standoff was being set-up.

Stylistically I basically just tried to make it soun as spaghetti western-ish as possible, but I combined it with a bunch of horror movie style ambient sounds (and honks, obviously).

Toby Fox: (album organizer)

An awesome track that sets up really well... for the next one.

Homestuck: (original track art)

Rex Duodecim Angelus Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Malcolm Brown: (booklet commentary)

(Final Battle Against the Black King)

Or "King of the Twelve Angels" in Google Translator Latin.

This was designed as music for the EPIC yet only hinted at battle between the Black King and the Trolls at the end of their game. Rather than making it a fast-paced action-centric doom-fest, it ended up more like some kind of apocalyptic dance number: The Trolls, despite going against fairly tough odds, all banded together under Karkat's leadership into a well oiled, tactical nuclear force that managed to overcome the Black King and beat the game.

It is, along with the unique 'Black King's theme, more or less a combination of various Troll themes arranged in order of attack. It's probably easier to just explain what's going on where:

0:00 - We start with the Black King's introduction, Aradiabots from doomed timelines teleporting in and assembling, the reckoning beginning, the Vast Glub being suppressed.

1:34 - At this point, the fearless leader leaps into action as the first to attack (Crustacean). I like to think this move shreds any sense of doubt they had in Karkat as leader at this point. Karkat's theme's quite fun to work with, so I enjoyed this bit.

2:03 - Terezi made sense as a logical follow to Karkat (The Lemonsnout Turnabout). It starts of quite simple yet more organised than Karkat's section, representing Terezi's initial appearance as a fairly harmless, blind Troll girl, before building up to her surprise attack. I'd already mucked about with Terezi's theme in my other track, but this one I think is a bit more faithful to the original.

2:34 - The King responds.

2:56 - Tavros in his Jet Car (Desperado Rocket Chairs). There's a hint of tragedy to Tavros' character that I think comes through here - His melody kinda builds up but just as he's about to act it kinda fades back down. Ah well... The world's smallest violin is playing the intro trumpet section to Tavros' original theme here.

3:15 - Kanaya, being quite graceful and yet incredibly deadly (Virgin Orb). She pretty much stops the music and focuses all attention on her - Something she'll do again in the future. I really like the opening of Kanaya's theme, so this is one of my fave bits. The chainsaw is also quite a fun touch.

3:34 - Equius decides to step in and show people how it's done with the might and efficiency only a highb100d could bring, and indeed he probably would, but Nepeta keeps being silly and sneaking in some attacks (Horschestra & Walls Covered in Blood). It was a bit of a faff combining these two, but I liked the idea of Equius' almost military like anthem being interrupted by Nepeta's calypso funkiness.

3:53 - Feferi and Eridan move in (Keepers). These two have worked together before, and provide a potent force against the King.

4:13 - The King responds once again.

4:36 - Sollux and Aradia decide to now get involved having kept the King psychic powers in check (The La2t Frontiier & Psych0ruins). I took more or less the openings of both themes and tried gluing them together. There's also an additional bit influenced by Aradia's in the 2nd half.

4:56 - Based on Karkat's description on what Gamzee's contribution to the fight was, I figured having Gamzee 'parody' the King's theme worked better here. The music doesn't even really imply what his attack was, only that it built up, was unleashed, and surprised the hell out of everyone...

5:14 - The King's nearly defeated and getting desperate.

5:39 - Vriska steps up, and finishes it. With one impossi8ly lucky roll.

Toby Fox: (album organizer)

I'm incredibly flattered to have such an awesome track feature so many pieces of music by myself... another miracle from the guy who brought you Showtime, folks.

Definitely the peak of intensity on the album.

Homestuck: (original track art)

Killed by BR8K Spider!!!!!!!! Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Toby Fox: (booklet commentary)

(God-Vriska's Finest Hour)

What's wrong, baby? Can't you even play guitar?

Lexxy: (original track art)

Alternia Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Seth Peelle: (booklet commentary)


The Alternia theme has always been close to Radiation's heart, so when he asked me to do an arrangement of it as the closer for the album, I knew it needed to be something really heartfelt and special.

His vision was that it would represent the outcome of the Trolls' game session that never came to be. The joy of discovering a shiny new universe; the chance to give their race a fresh start; the tearful recognition that all the loss and turmoil they had endured was worth it in the end, and that everything was going to be okay from now on.

It is, in essence, the Trolls' lingering and bittersweet memory of Hope.

Toby Fox: (album organizer)

Beatfox, it is a great honor.


Homestuck: (original track art)

Trollcops (Radio Play) Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Toby Fox: (album organizer, booklet commentary)

I wasn't sure how people would react to Jit's voice in non-Gamebro format, plus a few of his pronunciations weren't exactly clear... so I told him to make an instrumental version instead...

But you know what? I still love this version for all its campy glory, so here it is as a bonus track!



Catapult Capuchin Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

Toby Fox: (booklet commentary)


Onto the rest of the bonus tracks - these are here because I think they are solid or interesting, but too short or "out there" for the main tracks of the album. Most of them do a great job of contributing to the idea of a videogame based on Homestuck, though - so please use your imagination when you queue them up, and wish really hard!

I used Mega Man X2 samples (by daveeeey) for this track. If Nepeta had a level in a Mega Man X game, this is probably something like what it would sound like... it's just a little bit like Neon Tiger, but maybe just in the chords. They both have the same claw weapons. Neon Tiger probably pounces because he likes Mega Man X. Time to update my shipping wall!!!

I really think the toms in the opening do a good job of setting a "jungle" feel to the track. Same with the roaring cymbals and the jumpy bassline. The orchestra hits have a bunch of cool effects on them, too - vibrato, echo, pan, pitch shift... all within the limitations of something a SNES could do! Although I probably went over the instrument limitations for the system, especially if sound effects are involved...

Oh! The name of the level was contributed by my friend Samantha.

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Science Seahorse Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

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Another make-believe Mega Man X Track using daveeeey's X2 samples.

Ironically, despite the awesome, Eri-licious name, this is kind of a combination Feferi and Eridan track. It starts out with some mystical, deep-sea vibraphones, rolling cymbals like waves washing through the piece... then plays some more beach-like music, which has just a hint of brassy regality to it. The solo is a bit emotional, kinda back and forth between happy and tempestuous, but that's how it is between moirails.

Eridan is DEFINITELY the boss of this level.

Shame that Fef doesn't get a really Feffy track to herself on this album. Poor Fef. BUT if you ARE looking for that and don't mind skipping over somewhere else, go back to the Squiddles Album and check out "Carefree Princess Berryboo" by Alex Rosetti. I think it fits her perfectly, especially as far as AlterniaBound walkabout themes go... enjoy it, it's cute!

I sadly don't remember who suggested the name "Science Seahorse"... someone cool. You're cool, person! Smile.

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(Kanaya Battle Theme?)

This piece is made in PXTONE, so it might sound a bit like one of Buzinkai's tracks.

I wanted to make a battle theme for Kanaya. I think it does fit her in a really weird way... although it doesn't really line up with the motifs presented in, say, Darling Kanaya and Virgin Orb. I can totally imagine her revving up that chainsaw and taking down some imps to this, though. Especially with the delicate synthesized bell so prominent, it does sound kinda delicate... So really, it's your choice what this song is supposed to be. Enjoy your freedom.

Oh, and also enjoy that really loud bass. Pump that shit in your cars.

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The Blind Prophet Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

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my thoughts:

mmmm ok i made 2 megaman x tracks but i dont know if theyll fit with the album, ill make another one and combine it with real instruments for SOLLUX'S THEME so i can parallel last frontiier AND make a track in case YOU EVER GET TO PLAY AS SOLLUX IT WILL PLAY THIS SONG..... ok... hmm this section is too intense. hey i have an idea to make it BIPOLAR AND BIFURCATED ill make every section after the other soft and then REALLY LOUD AND CRAZY, SO LOUD AND CRAZY PLAYING AS SOLLUX WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE BECAUSE THE SONG WILL BE TOO LOUD AND RIDICULOUS

wow this sounds stupid these instruments dont go together at all and the different section changes literally sound like i was bipolar when i made this, what can i do to make this better............. hmmmmmmm..... i know..... (breaks out copy of marvel vs capcom 4, scrolls down to hank hill, presses x)

let the games begin..........

Toby Fox: (extra booklet commentary)

this song is the best song to air guitar and also sing along to and play shitty trumpet to

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AlterniaBound Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

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These aren't "true" pieces... just jingles based off of "Theme". But I hope that for all their insignificance, they really instill the idea of a game inside of you.

AlterniaBound is a VERY direct homage to the title screen of EarthBound. If you don't know what EarthBound is... you may be missing out on something.

You Won A Combat Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

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When you win a battle on Alternia, this song plays. No one knows who's singing.

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Rest A While Listen on: Bandcamp, YouTube

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And with that.... good night.

Homestuck: (original track art)

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