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Schrödinger's Harbinger

track cover

By Noisemaker noisemaster Bandcamp baseline7 SoundCloud.
Cover art by Benedict Ide itsbenedict Tumblr.
Released 9/9/2017.
Duration: 2:21.

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Tracks that Schrödinger's Harbinger references:

Artist commentary:

Noisemaker: (composer, booklet commentary)

Initially from call and new 2: locomotif under the name Excess Express, I wanted Schrödinger's Harbinger to be Jasprose-themed to compensate for the lack of tracks in that category, as well as to make some additions to the original trakc.

WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES: (album help, booklet commentary)

I can't believe that Roxy thinks that Rose smothering herself in response to the heinous evils of Jasprose is so "wonderful". What a terrible mother/daughter figure.

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