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By Joe Ouellet ( SoundCloud ).
Cover art by PatManDX ( Tumblr ).
Released 9/9/2017.
Duration: 4:40.

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Tracks that Everlasting references:

Artist commentary:

Joe Ouellet:

Dream bubbles allow the various players of Sburb a chance at an Everlasting life. I wanted to illustrate the feeling of traversing these bubbles and exploring the infinite possibilities they create.


When I hear the song, it's a no brainer that it was about Roxy in the dreambubbles, being a remix of 'Even in Death' and all. What was tricky was figuring out what exactly to show in the track art: what angle, what aspect of the dreambubbles, and so on. I didn't want to make the art too busy, so I went for a simpler piece that showcased one of the grander moments of the 'Roxy: Sleepwalk' flash—where the music swells as Roxy falls into that dream bubble. Pinks and purples were used cause they pop on the black, and they're nice mysterious colors.

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