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track cover

track cover

Tags: Rose, Roxy, Skaia

By Shandy ( SoundCloud , Tumblr ).
Cover art by nights ( SoundCloud , Twitter , External ( ).
Released 9/9/2017.
Duration: 4:21.

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Tracks that Reunited references:

Artist commentary:


This song was written to celebrate the reunion of Rose and Roxy in the 4/29/15 Homestuck update! It was so weet and triumphant, so I tried to reflect that in the music. The main melody is structured kinf of like a call-and-response between the two of them.


Rose and Roxy's interactions are some of my favorite parts of Homestuck, the best of which is their meeting after Game Over. I've resketched and redrawn this way too much since I wanted to give this very nice track some justice. Originally the idea was much more different, I was going to draw Roxy running towards Rose with Skaia in the background, but I changed it to match the canon scene better. Overall I'm pretty happy with the final product, I hope you guys like it too!

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