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Noble Ascendance

track cover

By WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud ).
Cover art by Aeritus ( Tumblr , Twitter ).
Released 9/9/2017.
Duration: 6:31.

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Tracks that Noble Ascendance references:

Artist commentary:


This song originated as a battle theme for Roxy, but as I moved along in the process, I thought "Hey, wouldn't it be cool to make some kind of medley for all of the alpha kids when they got their god tiers that would be pretty cool wouldn't it?" and started what at the time was the most ambitious song I made yet.

My process when making the medley was to make some kind of... story I suppose? I'm not really a fan of stuff that shoves in references for the sake of shoving in references, so pretty much every reference I put in here was meant to connect ot the kids somehow. (Look fine Ruisn only has a really tangential connection to Jane but I didn't listen to Volume 9 because I'm a bad person)

This song was made when I was first really digging my teeth into making music, and I feel like it shows. Generally I feel like the production and instrumentation in this song has... a lot to be desired. Even so, making this taught me lots of things that I wouldn't have learned otherwise, and I'm glad I made it, even if I can't stand to listen to it.

I tried to make another medley with this kind of format for the Cool and New Music Team recently, and it's essentially what I was trying to do with this song. (Although, with a different subject matter entirely.) You can find it on the Greatest Hits 2 album, under the name Two Master Classes, A Knife Enthusiast, and A Green Dude Walk Into a Bar. Yes, I know it's a shitty name.

After her fantastic work on the Volume 5 Anthology, a project to supply Homestuck Volume 5 with unique art for each track, Aeritus supplied this wonderful image. Here, the alpha kids lie in rest, waiting for the future of attaining god tier. It... can't be comfortable to lie in rest on stone slabs. That must be hell on your back.

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