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By Isoraķatheð Zorethan F..
Cover art by Isoraķatheð Zorethan F..
Released 7/30/2011.
Duration: 3:13.

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Artist commentary:

Isoraķatheð Zorethan F.:

Well, what have we... Felt (SI: HS\MUS:B0) got me thinking about time signatures, and also lumping multiple together. This is the fruition of this endeavor. Granted, it's not any good, but this may be the one piece where you have a 30/30 time signature (4/4 overlay 5/5 overlay 6/8). It's a little bit tired; stumbling; drunk... much like the first time when I first found this comic, I would assume. That was about two years ago.

(On an unrelated note, this applies to table tennis very well.)

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