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track cover

track cover

Tags: Jack Noir

By Mal McGannon.
Cover art by Brad Griffin.
Released 7/30/2011.
Duration: 2:40.

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Tracks that Clockbreaker references:

Artist commentary:

Mal McGannon:

I've always liked the Midnight Crew album, Drawing Dead; it's got this delicious synergy between jazz and techno with a dark overtone that is super sexy. (I'm a big fan.) Another thing I'm a big fan of is Jit and his music, because Jit's mad talented. So when I was in the shower one morning (where I do my best thinking) and I had the idea for a Midnight Crew cover of Jit's song from The Felt, "The Broken Clock", I filed it away under "future stuff to do", because it's rare I have what I consider a good idea with regards to composition.

So I worked for quite a while on this: improvising on piano, listening to Drawing Dead over and over and analyzing the different styles of each instrument, writing things down, plugging them into my computer, hating it, writing new parts, adding material, cutting material, hating it more, et cetera, ad infinitum. The final result is still something I'm not completely happy with, but I think I can declare it as done as it'll ever be. So, I hope you enjoy it, and the rest of the first ever Homestuck Fan Album!

Brad Griffin:

When drawing this I learned that I can't draw clocks well in perspective, so I googled a clock and Photoshopped it in. Take notes, kids: use technology to hide your faults!

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