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  • The State of Ambivalence (English)

By James Dever jamesdever Bandcamp tylerdever Bandcamp jamesdevermusic SoundCloud jamzdenver Twitter.
Cover art by umibouzu.
Released 7/30/2011.
Duration: 3:04.

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Tracks that L'etat de l'ambivalence references:

Artist commentary:

James Dever: (booklet commentary)

L'état de l'ambivalence is the bastardized child of two different songs. I wrote the beginning of a song at the beginning of Hivebent called Lusus' Lament. It was supposed to be like a Chorale for Jaspers but for the trolls' custodians. This was before I even knew Alternia was in the works. After hearing psych0ruins I loved those beginning arpeggios and crying effect. So when Rad mentioned the idea of having troll planet themes, I jumped at the chance of making one for Aradia. I used the beginning to Lusus' Lament and then combined it with those beginning arpeggios and the first phrases of psych0ruins.

Aradia's planet is the Land of Quartz and Melody, so I ran with the music box motif and added glockenspiel for a crystal-esque noise. The beginning section is kind of like what Sburban Jungle is to Rose. Music to add to her trying to enter the medium. There is a pause as she succeeds and enters and the mood of the music shifts completely. The second half builds more of the Quartz feel.

The title is because Nick thought we should have a foreign name.

umibouzu: (booklet commentary)

I picked up "L'état de L'ambivalence" before I knew what it was about. When I found out it was an Aradia land theme, I kind of panicked. Backgrounds and scenery are a huge weakness of mine, and I wasn't soure how to depict LOQAM without essentially copying the existing art, so I decided to focus more on Aradia herself.

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