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Quartz Lullaby

track cover

By Evan Copeland.
Cover art by kayak.
Released 7/30/2011.
Duration: 0:41.

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Artist commentary:

Evan Copeland: (booklet commentary)

This is a piece I wrote one night when I was having trouble sleeping, fittingly enough. In retrospect, I think I took influence from Dire Dire Docks and Crystalanthemums with this song. I enjoy listening to it, and hopefully others will too.

Fun fact: the music box meldoy was originally one octave lower, and an entirely different instrument. The music box ended up sounding terrible in that octave, so I raised it.

Another fun fact: I completely forgot that "Jade's Lullaby" was a track from Volume 5. This song is unrelated.

kayak: (booklet commentary)

This is a very simple, soothing song that might have been played by one of the musicboxes Aradia had. Aradia could have fallen asleep with this tune in her ears, leaving visions of a wonderful world of melody and musicboxes in her dreams.

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