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By Thomas Ibarra sparksd2145 SoundCloud.
Cover art by JNJ.
Released 7/30/2011.
Duration: 2:15.

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Tracks that Downtime references:

Artist commentary:

Thomas Ibarra: (booklet commentary)

My younger sister is responsible for my admiration of MSPA: she desrves the first line of this commentary, because she is awesome. Problem Sleuth has always held a place in my heart; with the rise of Homestuck, MSPA continues to be a beacon of awesome. I have never before been faced with such a preposterous amount of talent in any fandom, and the MSPA Community continues to grow and evolve in such a way that smashes through any "threshold" of artistic creativity. I am inspired, and wish to inspire.

My knowledge in FL Studio is limited to what I have learned over the years in tinkering with it, to be honest. As such, my composition "Downtime" is actually pretty simplistic from a technical standpoint; my teachers have always told me, "the simpler, the better." I have always disliked this sentiment, but reluctantly I've come to understand the necessity of simplicity in my works. My sister - who wishes to be unnamed becuase "lol, internet" - was the mastermind behind this piece; I functioned as merely the interpreter to her excellent judgment. I was given the task of weaving Showtime and Showdown together, and my result became Downtime.

Honestly, I never thought Downtime would receive as much attention as it has, let alone its own place in an awesome fan-music album alongside (in my opinion) better artists than myself. I'm grateful that it's well received, and I hope to continue composing - even if only to inspire those that listen.

Thanks, MSPA.

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