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track cover

Tags: Jade, LoFaF

By Elaine Wang ( External ( ).
Cover art by Dalmationer.
Released 7/30/2011.
Duration: 5:04.

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Tracks that Meltwater references:

Artist commentary:

Elaine Wang:

Okay, so. What happens when Jade's planet melts?

Let's see. A long sample of a small mountain stream (mountain streams are melted snow after all). Some pipe and wind samples and string samples, balance the hollow against the warm.

The first version of the song is done within six hours of the flash revealing Jade's land. Trying to transcribe directly from Flash is kind of difficult since there is a very inconvenient pause (right-click, uncheck Play; check the box again when you want to start listening again) and no rewind.

Then Solatrus quietly takes me aside and tells me I've latched onto the wrong melody. Oops.

That fixed, I started piling harmonics on top. Some more pipes, and strings, and a xylophone just to be contrary. Staccato strings are fun.

Initially everything is piled on top, in the center. In revision for the album I pan everything back and forth. It may be noted that this song still sounds perfectly fine in mono, though.

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