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Moonlight Riders

track cover

By John Tay ( YouTube , SoundCloud , Twitter , Tumblr ).
Cover art by Horizonseek Studios ( Bandcamp , YouTube ).
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 1:31.

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Tracks that Moonlight Riders references:

Artist commentary:

John Tay:

guys i'm not a homestuck fan i can't even name 2 characters in the series i can only do one because i've heard of eridan's theme
and if i wanted to where tf do i even start cause the story goes balls deep and the ost playlist has like 530 songs

i do like toby fox and i like his music and his work here isn't any exception
still only heard of eridan's theme, moonsetter & sunsetter lol
i do remember a discord friend spamming some character render captioning it with "nak" and we found that funny for a while

I promised Uhrwerk to add the funny Chaotix reference and it's an ok bridge back to the top
Again I'm trying to work out the PC-9801 Ryu Umemoto/Ryu Takami style and it's quite challenging, but I got it to work.

I actually first heard the song on SoundCloud with an SPC700 arrange.

Horizonseek Studios:

thought itd b fun 2 reference knuckles chaotix like the track does

hence the RINGS tyin jake 2 MR STRIDERS WILD RIDE

the trackname + the chaotix cover made me wanna draw a night scene n with prospitian gold n dersite purple it landed me in a lovely CMYKish colourscheme

highly recommend listening 2 this track loopin for like a half hour + close ur eyes n imagine u suck at sonic levels.

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