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All Work and No Play

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By Kanishka m3l0m4ni4c SoundCloud kanishka-tempts-fate Tumblr.
Cover art by Artatruc artatruc Tumblr.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 4:38.

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Tracks that All Work and No Play references:

Artist commentary:


Initially conceived as a funky tribute to the likes of Casiopea and Yellow Magic Orchestra, All Work and no Play ended up becoming a much moodier piece after I was overcome with the sudden desire to make something more akin to Bohren und der Club of Gore mixed with Kelly Bailey's Half-Life soundtracks instead. That's the Doylist explanation; from the Watsonian perspective, this track is supposed to represent Jack Noir's mounting frustration with mind-numbingly tedious paperwork and ridiculous dress-code requirements.

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