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The Deceased Friends And Family

track cover

By Tee-vee teeveemusic Bandcamp tee-vee-novae SoundCloud YouTube YouTube teevee_terminal Twitter Neocities.
Cover art by halstridergaming halstridergamer Twitter.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 7:36.

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Tracks that The Deceased Friends And Family references:


(I'm still waiting for my girl, to come back from the war.)

Artist commentary:


I originally wanted to make this track for LOFAM5 but couldn't get inspired enough to complete it in time, so I thought I could actually finish it for Act 2! A very melancholic Terezi/Vrisrezi track inspired by psych rock bands such as Teke::Teke or King Gizz', old movie soundtracks youtube has been recommending me, and the Hellsing anime soundtrack (my beloved).


I wanted to give this drawing a melachonic, distant feeling between terezi and vriska. Definitely tried something experimental for this piece as i wanted to give this track justice. Like the track, I wanted to express a lot of feeling in this art. I seriously couldn't have accomplished that without the help of my very talented friend Metianull! He helped with texturing this piece, along with filters and the text. I would like to believe this track art represents an interesting mix of emotions, but of course its completely up to interpetation... and I think thats the fun part!

Terepy Pipes:

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