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Flushing Pale

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By articulatelyComposed YouTube YouTube articulatelycomposed SoundCloud articulately-composed Tumblr aCmusic27 Twitter.
Cover art by mmmmalo mmmmalo Tumblr.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 3:08.

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Artist commentary:


Flushing Pale was a song written to be one of the themes for Volume 6 of Friendsim 2, which follows the messiest, gayest jadeblood love triangle this side of Outglut.

While the song doesn't explicitly borrow from any previous homestuck music, it uses instrumentation that is often associated with "jadeblood sounds," ex: piano, violin, soft orchestral vibes.


Though the music has a melancholy tone perhaps more befitting the strained environment that greets MSPAR upon arrival, there's a thread of hope that drew me to depict the resolution instead, with all the song's sadness now highlighting the sweeps of bitterness that gave way to the present joy.

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