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Adventurous Ascent

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By LudicrousFalcon ludicrousfalcon Bandcamp LudicrousFalcon Twitter ludicrousfalcon Tumblr MSPFA MSPFA YouTube YouTube the-engineer-760315130 SoundCloud ludicrousfalcon Newgrounds falconhawk5 DeviantArt.
Cover art by Circlejourney circlejourney Bandcamp circlejourney SoundCloud Circlejourney YouTube circlejourneyart Tumblr circlejourney Twitter Other machinasolis SoundCloud.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 4:04.

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Artist commentary:


I like to think that this song captures the overall vibe of a Sburb session, and the journey of its players reaching toward the goal of creating a new universe while ascending to the god tiers. Not super dark or gritty, but not a easy breeze in the park either. The Adventurous Ascent through Sburb mirrors the ascent through life itself, and the many challenges it brings. This track was originally going to be on an upcoming album for my fanadventure (and it'll probably still be on there despite also being on LOFAM); when I saw submissions open for LOFAM 5.2, I decided to submit some tracks, and Adventurous Ascent was the one that got approved. This is my first track to appear on a LOFAM album, and I'm very happy to see that it made it on!


On reading that the track is about progression through a SBURB session, I pictured all 4 beta kids in a sort of staircase composition, each representing a phase in their session's timeline.

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