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Slick Tricks

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By Cosmoptera lordcakespy Bandcamp lordcakespy SoundCloud cosmoptera Cohost lordcakespy Tumblr cosmoptera Twitter lordcakespy_moved SoundCloud.
Cover art by Selan Pike selanpike Tumblr selanpike Twitter selanpike DeviantArt.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 2:49.

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Tracks that Slick Tricks references:

Tracks that Slick Tricks samples:

Artist commentary:


When thinking about how to remix WSW, I decided I wanted to try an experiment in making a song based almost entirely around samples. The original idea was to make a remix in a sort of Hideki Naganuma style; it went in a different direction, but I'm pretty happy with it regardless. Here's a hot tip: if you ever need cheesy prohibition-era gangster lines, look up public domain mob movies or something in that vein. There's so many out there!

Selan Pike:

I picked up a copy of Spades Slick's Pro Skater at the secondhand game store and boy, I was NOT disappointed!

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