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By Swagazaki swagazaki Bandcamp Spotify Spotify swagazaki Twitch swagazaki Linktree.
Cover art by Torrent 64 YouTube YouTube torrent-64 SoundCloud.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 3:27.

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Artist commentary:

Torrent 64:

This track was very, very fun to make the art for. The name "Lilith" is usually used in reference to the Mesopotamian and Judaic mythological figure, supposedly the first wife of Adam. The idea of the first woman becoming "evil" made me think of Rose going Grimdark, since she's the first woman we meet in the comic, and turns to darker forces. For that reason, I wanted to go for religious iconography when making the cover, and what better than the cross. The sign above her head reads "Lilith" in Hebrew, which is a callback to the sign hung above Jesus' head when He was crucified. The crescent moon positioned above the cross is a depiction of the astrological symbol for Lilith.

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