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The Final Spice is Cardamom for Apple Pie, Cloves for Pumpkins

track cover

track cover

Tags: Joey, Xefros

By subversiveasset ( YouTube ).
Cover art by METIANULL ( SoundCloud , YouTube , External ( , Twitter ) and halstridergaming ( Twitter ).
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 3:53.

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Tracks that The Final Spice is Cardamom for Apple Pie, Cloves for Pumpkins references:

Artist commentary:

Makin: (album management)

As with all of subversiveasset’s covers, there’s a pretty good music video on YouTube


Wanted to play Alternate Recipe and Final Spice, and then along the way I quoted a lot of other Toby Fox pieces

As you play Hiveswap, you might notice one song in particular, Final Spice, that sounds a bit more like Toby Fox than usual. As James Roach and Toby Fox revealed in an interview on WhatPumpkin tumblr, that's indeed true -- Final Spice is the most Toby of all the pieces.

But I think that it's interesting how the two did their collaborative composing process. Toby's original was piano-only, and then James made his own version (which is "Alternate Recipe"), and then the two worked together to harmonize the various approaches into Final Spice.

I decided to take Final Spice and run with it, with a few references to other Toby Fox tracks. Will you get all the references?

Also, check out this remake of Final Spice by dbnet18 -- his transcription really reduced the work load for me!

METIANULL: (& halstridergaming)

This was an extremely fun piece to make, we wanted to recreate the feel of classic Touhou cover art; paying homage to the origin of "Final Spice". A LOOOT of assets and research were put into this piece, especially with desigining the dress and making the title... " *toby fox voice* its a part of... important chinese orthography

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