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The Final Spice is Cardamom for Apple Pie, Cloves for Pumpkins

track cover

By subversiveasset YouTube YouTube.
Cover art by METIANULL metianull SoundCloud metianull Bandcamp metianull YouTube Spotify Spotify metianull Twitter metianull Tumblr metianull Carrd 1000bpm Carrd metianull Linktree and halstridergaming halstridergamer Twitter.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 3:53.

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Tracks that The Final Spice is Cardamom for Apple Pie, Cloves for Pumpkins references:

Artist commentary:

Makin: (album management)

As with all of subversiveasset’s covers, there’s a pretty good music video on YouTube


Wanted to play Alternate Recipe and Final Spice, and then along the way I quoted a lot of other Toby Fox pieces

As you play Hiveswap, you might notice one song in particular, Final Spice, that sounds a bit more like Toby Fox than usual. As James Roach and Toby Fox revealed in an interview on WhatPumpkin tumblr, that's indeed true -- Final Spice is the most Toby of all the pieces.

But I think that it's interesting how the two did their collaborative composing process. Toby's original was piano-only, and then James made his own version (which is "Alternate Recipe"), and then the two worked together to harmonize the various approaches into Final Spice.

I decided to take Final Spice and run with it, with a few references to other Toby Fox tracks. Will you get all the references?

Also, check out this remake of Final Spice by dbnet18 -- his transcription really reduced the work load for me!

METIANULL: (& halstridergaming)

This was an extremely fun piece to make, we wanted to recreate the feel of classic Touhou cover art; paying homage to the origin of "Final Spice". A LOOOT of assets and research were put into this piece, especially with desigining the dress and making the title... " *toby fox voice* its a part of... important chinese orthography

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