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Grave of the Fireflies

track cover

track cover

Tags: John, LoWaS

By Rainy ( SoundCloud , Tumblr , YouTube , Twitter ).
Cover art by Selan Pike ( Tumblr , Twitter , DeviantArt ).
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 2:38.

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Tracks that Grave of the Fireflies references:

Artist commentary:


The impetus for this remix was to give an underrated homestuck that I love track it’s due. “Firefly” is easily one of Buzinkai’s best solo compositions; it conveying this beautiful feeling of ethereal whimsy and majesty. For this remix I tried to maintain feeling while adding cinematic elements to give it a bigger sense of scope. I took a lot of inspiration from the Vast Error song “A Story about Being Free” especially when incorporating acoustic guitar.

Selan Pike:

I felt very strongly about making this watercolor, but also, was too lazy to actually get my paints out. It was fun trying to replicate my watercolor style digitally.

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