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Versus Oblivion

track cover

By yuuDii yuudii Bandcamp yuudii YouTube.
Cover art by Torrent 64 YouTube YouTube torrent-64 SoundCloud.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 3:41.

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Tracks that Versus Oblivion references:

Artist commentary:


This piece brought to you by getting hit by a car on 4/12. (Not a joke, that really happened and is the reason an earlier version of this song and its sister piece were not released in April.)

Track very loosely follows Dave's plot through Cascade. It starts with raw soundfonts and drum samples as if Dave was making this in his room, then expands into a main chorus with "Atomyk Ebonpyre". I use it as his primary motif in the same way I feel Doctor, Endless Climb, and Sunsetter represent the other kids. It then moves into a slower section revolving around "Candles and Clockwork" and "Beatdown", representing LOHAC and the constant reminders of strife in it. The section comes to a quiet close in half time following the doomed timeline Dave, then jumps back into Atomyk Ebonpyre as he merges into the alpha timeline and prototypes himself.

It then skips forward into Jade's entrance during the fight between Bro, Davesprite, and Jack Noir. I used "Unite Synchronization", originally a song for Dave and then used for Dirk, as a stand in for Bro, and "Black" for Jack Noir. It then stops abruptly as Jack is prototyped with Bec and slaughters Bro. There is a pause before it skips again to the confrontation between Rose and Dave before she pilots the tumor into the sun, "Endless Climb" briefly emerging to represent Rose. If I had access to a voice actor, or a microphone, I would have had someone quote Dave saying "But I don't want you to die". Then it ramps up again, leading into "Savior of the Dreaming Dead", "Cascade", a duet between "Endless Climb" and "Atomyk Ebonpyre", and "Upward Movement". It then returns back to "Versus", and ends.

Torrent 64:

Since Dave is the subject matter of the track, I thought it would be kind of a no-brainer to feature him in LOHAC. After a lot of deliberating on what to do for the track art, I decided to draw a cool side profile of Dave, lit up from both sides by the lava surrounding him. I also thought it would be kinda lame just to have him staring into the distance without actively looking at something, so I added a reflection of Jack Noir in his sunglasses. For flavor.

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