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Additional or alternate names:

  • FalmeaLand (original name)
  • Bloodmeatthing (production name)
  • PillarsOfFlesh (production name)

By Jebb jebbjabroni SoundCloud jebbjabroni YouTube JeberosE Twitter.
Cover art by Gryotharian user-226957352 SoundCloud YouTube YouTube gryotharian Tumblr gryotharian DeviantArt.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 2:59.

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Artist commentary:


This track was initially made for fun and inspired by a land for a character from the Aleph Null MSPFA. I had it stashed for a while until this LOFAM came and I remembered about this piece. After browsing the wiki for a bit, I realised that it fits Karkat's land perfectly, and after a few adjustments it became this.

The heavy piano idea came from the intro to DCEU Lex Luthor's theme.

If I were to characterize this, I would say that while Phaze and Blood shows us the more aggressive and violent nature of the land, this track represents the more sombre and tragic nature of it. "(Karkat) thinks he was put on this planet covered in an ocean of his own blood to be taunted. Punished for something. Saddest story you ever heard."

Jebb: (LOFAM5A2 Discord liveblog commentary)

Jebb track number TWO!!!

Ok so fun fact, this track was initially based on this land

Which is a hypothetical land of a character from Aleph Null made by its creator
Initially i wanted to make the track for it, but Clockworkreapers (the creator and artist) said that the music for it was already being worked on
Despite that i was still influenced so much that i said "screw it, i'll still make a track for fun"
And i did
And this was that

The Showdown melody was initially the theme of the character pictured in the drawing but replaced it later on
You can still hear the initial whisperings and meat squelches from the og idea of the above land
That's because i forgot to replace the squelches with blood sea wave sounds
But oh well, it still works


OFF OST: -09- Rainy Day (and meat)


Oh damn yeah that's surprisingly similar
I used mud sounds for the meat squelches personally
When doing sound design you don't necessarily have to find an accurate sound, you just have to find what you are picturing it sounding like in your mind


sound designers make do 🙏

I used a central-vacuum and some super-sized un-inflated balloons to make the suction sound for the vents in Xen. Also, and even more interestingly, the footstep sound for the flesh surfaces contains the light open-handed slap of a wet ass cheek. I'll let your imaginations fill in the rest of the blanks, but will add a hearty 'thank you' to my wife Kala, who has helped with so many aspects of this project.


Though in the end i'd say that this track actually fits Karkat's land more because the name of this land turned out to be "Land of Resent and Destruction" and i feel like it probably wouldn't have this tragic of a melody
Also Showdown worked surprisingly well for the ending part, i didn't even need to change any of the notes like how i thought i would

As for the track itself, i love when tracks use piano as a bassline instrument
I remember wanting to make another more extensive part but i ended up not doing it
Because i was lazy probably

Man is that ending piano chord good
Overall, less impressive track compared to my others on the album but still a very nice one
Oh btw, thanks to Gryo for the cover art! The end choice of dot eyes works really well for Karkat here

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