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track cover

track cover

By Swagazaki ( Bandcamp , External ( , External ( , External ( ) and Chimune.
Cover art by ifer ( Tumblr , DeviantArt , External ( , External ( ).
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 3:02.

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Artist commentary:


I composed this track with Chimune.

A track composed for a lively,,, happy---go---lucky cerulean female troll with ###ADHD who came to life isolated from the rest of the world. She plays electric bass, an instrument she also uses to fight. She was trained in martial arts by her toxic lusus before escaping to participate in a cosmic game in which she became a Page of Space and created a New Universe with the help of her new friends.

In this new universe, she took care of aligning the planets, creating a new species and managing the descendants of her own before leaving to explore this new world!!! 3·:)

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