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Slow Dancing in the Clockwork Hall

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By sunsprite sunsprite YouTube _sassacre_ Twitter.
Cover art by swanfire ASwanIsOnFire Twitter sw4nfire Instagram sw4nfire ArtStation sw4nfire Twitch sw4nfire Linktree sw4nscommissions Carrd.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 2:23.

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Artist commentary:


A cute little orchestral Clockwork Melody arrangement about Dave's and Rose's journey.

Clockwork Melody is one of my favorite leitmotifs in Homestuck, and I like to play it on every occasion on any instrument I get my hands on. It made sense that I would make a full arrangement of it.

So I went with the flow, and here is that. I really like what came out of this.

And it might be easy to spot that James Roach's work on Hiveswap OST was quite an inspiration there.

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