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Penumbral Awakening

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By Morris morrismusic Bandcamp YouTube YouTube Omega_Morris123 Twitter.
Cover art by Awkward YouTube YouTube awkwarddoesanart Tumblr awkwarddoesart Twitter purplepuma779 DeviantArt.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 3:33.

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Tracks that Penumbral Awakening references:

Tracks that Penumbral Awakening samples:

Artist commentary:


Back in March of last year, I made a remix of Penumbra Phantasm of which I was, at the time, very proud of. Looking back at it, it is extremely barebones and I've definitely improved a lot since then. So when lofam5a2 got announced, I went back to my remix and overhauled it completely. I kept the core of the original remix and added a lot of new stuff onto it, as well as making everything sound way nicer than before.

I'm very proud of how it turned out :)

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