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The Ballad of Moro and San

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By Grace Medley power46 Bandcamp user-743933328 SoundCloud power464646 Twitter power464646 Tumblr and Kal-la-kal-la kal-la-kal-la SoundCloud kal-la-kal-la Tumblr kal_la_kal_la Twitter Other.
Cover art by Monckat monckat Bandcamp YouTube YouTube achrananth Tumblr Achrananth Twitter Other.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 4:12.

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Tracks that The Ballad of Moro and San references:

Artist commentary:

Grace Medley:

I reread Homestuck earlier this year. I was all hells of out of practice music-wise at the time, so I figured each reading session should be accompanied by a thirty-second musical warmup. For the Jade: Enter session, I decided that should be a drum and bass theme for Jade and Bec's entry. Honestly the whole thing sounded pretty haphazard, but I still wanted to turn it into a full track.

Enter Kal, who's been a close friend of mine for seven years, and we've basically spent that whole time trying to find a good excuse to collaborate. Back in the Weird Puzzle Tunes days, I was working on a track of hers called Prospitian Barn Dance which never saw the light of day but I think honestly sounded pretty cool. It had a real lo-fi bedroom-produced electronica sound to it, which I honestly adore. We've tried to collab by my count at least three more times on totally different projects since then, but it's never happened.



This art is pretty straightforward as things go. Bec and Jade as Moro and San sounded like a compelling image to chase, and an interesting challenge to mimic an art style I’d never attempted before. I think it turned out pretty well!

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