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Shattered Twilight

track cover

By Elisa Flore bass.and.noises Instagram Spotify Spotify.
Cover art by Horizonseek Studios horizonseek Bandcamp meta70914 YouTube.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 5:52.

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Artist commentary:

Horizonseek Studios:

i really love this track and for a while i wasn't sure if i would choose it to illustrate, certain someone else would pick it and create a breathtaking piece to match the tone and scope, something like circlejourney's art for crystalendofgames

however, the days passed and it remained unpicked, for long enough that my occasional mental art concepting solidified

magic the gathering's sagas were a big inspiration, i highly recomend checking out rhystic studies' video on them, and his videos in general, just be careful not to fall into the lootbox black hole and money sink that is the product line itself

for my sort-of "saga" i chose to illustrate a low relief sculpture of the moment after light faded from rose's life, and the moment it faded from her eyes, shattering that twilight of lesbian grief

rose's clothing design for this piece comes from rumminov's fancy godtiers, i felt the basic seer outfit was too simple, and for something that invited intricacy such as this, their design felt like a perfect fit

mid-art i had this moment of clarity that i was spending hours on end illustrating the death - well, mortal wounding - of a character i hold so dear, and while that isn't exactly odd, for a brief minute it felt quite weird

i like to imagine that the light source for this piece is an offscreen jasprose, smiling her feline smile and having the time of her life examining this scupture depicting one of her countless deaths

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