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Karkat Loses His Mind And Learns Holy C

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By Gryotharian user-226957352 SoundCloud YouTube YouTube gryotharian Tumblr gryotharian DeviantArt.
Cover art by yoyoYolo blogofyolo Tumblr NexusMeme Twitter.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 2:47.

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Artist commentary:


Title is pretty self explanatory. Karkat. TempleOS. I guess? Don't ask from where or why I came up with the concept for this track, I couldn't tell you. I thought briefly about downloading templeOS and using the hymn generator myself for parts of this song but that was far too much effort and loses the recognizability of Risen. I'm a nerd for weird internet history and like referencing weird internet history shit. So does homestuck, so why not? Why *shouldn't* Karkat lose his mind and learn Holy C? can you answer me that, god? Can you answer me that? (Stay tuned next time for Karkat kills an educated adult and accepts the 4 corner simultaneous 24 hour days that occur within a single rotation of Alternia)


karkat loses his mind and learns holy c. i tried a different style for this one, since it’s for a song referencing templeos. editing the logos and all was a really funny experience.

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