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The Imminently Deceased

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By dron3canon dron3canon SoundCloud dron3canon Bandcamp YouTube YouTube.
Cover art by lemonzestdoodle lemonzestdoodle Twitter Neocities lemonzestdoodle
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 3:42.

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Tracks that The Imminently Deceased references:

Artist commentary:


This is my first time "Remixing" a track, and honestly I think it turned out better than most of the other tracks I've posted. I've been both making music, and been a homestuck fan for over a decade now, but I've never really made anything homestuck related for some reason. I'm really happy with how this turned out, and I'll probably be making more stuff like it soon. It's a new genre for me, and was super fun to work on.


That part 40 seconds in when it turns into...breakcore, I think? It made me want to draw something with some real crunch to it. Originally I wanted to do Karkat sitting on the ground with one eye hidden by blood, but the pose I had in mind just couldn't work how I wanted it to. But then I saw this picture that someone captioned "eclipsickle"

and thought "hold on what if Karkat's sickle was overlayed with a moon?" It was a good call. Also I'd like to thank the Google Image results for communism for giving me a pretty decent reference of how to hold a scythe.

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