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Lost Memories

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By ascendantDreamweaver Other.
Cover art by Torrent 64 YouTube YouTube torrent-64 SoundCloud, Adrian "gravitygauntlet" Wahrer wahrer Bandcamp wahrer SoundCloud Spotify Spotify gravitygauntlet Twitter Other, Monckat monckat Bandcamp YouTube YouTube achrananth Tumblr Achrananth Twitter Other, piskomil piskomil Tumblr piskomil DeviantArt, Horizonseek Studios horizonseek Bandcamp meta70914 YouTube, d0gtier d0gtier Instagram cndthain Instagram d0gtier Twitter, and ricemilk ricemilk413 Tumblr ricemilk413 Twitter.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 7:20.

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Artist commentary:


This piece is a tone poem on Game-Over-timeline Vrisrezi, roughly divided into two halves, one depicting their relation up to [S] Flip, and the other being [S] Terezi: Remem8er.

The first presents Terezi and Vriska in D minor and E-flat minor, respectively - adjacent in the 12-tone chromatic scale, but tonally distant yet covering all 12 tones, and transforms them through a series of textures - in the last of which Terezi is transposed up a minor third but Vriska is transposed down a minor third, stating their interleaved themes in an illusion of a common tonality, before they are transposed back, distancing them by a tritone in a dissonant outburst.

The second half rearranges Do You Remem8er Me through a reharmonization of Terezi's theme. Although the virtuosic ending is the Ruins quote that plays on their reunion, the emotional climax lies immediately prior, as Terezi dashes through a final intertwining of all previous themes into a dense 8-voice counterpoint.

There are several other programmatic inspirations, most notably Grace’s A Hive 8n’t A Home< for the first half, manifesting in both the harmonic and rhythmic conflict of Vriska’s motives, and harukatenoh’s does not heal for the depiction of memories in the second half.

Special thanks to Grace and Ucklin for motivating me to turn a simple arrangement into a full poem!

Niklink: (provider of good ideas)

'i have an idea how you can make this art fast and without a lot of effort' 'good idea let's do that' *makes it take up a lot of time and work*

Torrent 64:

This track was an absolute wild ride to make art for! The idea of a collab piece was super last minute, but once I got the general composition set in stone, everyone was able to work their magic! Very happy with the result! Also, that’s me in the picture with Giancarlo Esposito lmao.


In my part vriska’s blood is almost the same color as her jeans so it kinda makes it look like she has too many legs...............actually that’s probably what she would have wanted

Adrian "gravitygauntlet" Wahrer:

Last chance to look at me, hector


Pirates are cool, okay?

Horizonseek Studios:



Gambling was easier when the stakes were lower.

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