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By Morris morrismusic Bandcamp YouTube YouTube Omega_Morris123 Twitter.
Cover art by Palette of Order paletteoforder Tumblr symphony-of-order SoundCloud.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 4:43.

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Tracks that Dusksetter references:

Artist commentary:


This arrangement of Sunsetter is obviously based on the vocal "Sunsetter (Ska)", which is one of my favorite versions of the song. I mainly used classic Toby instrumentation, including stuff Toby used in his original version, and I replaced the vocals with good old DVS Sax (though I would have loved to keep the lyrics). I extended the song by adding a break/trumpet solo section (where I snuck in references to other Homestuck songs), and ended the song by incorporating the ending of Sunslammer. Oh yeah, I also snuck in an Undertale sound effect.

I see this song as a sort-of homage to Sunsetter. Also, it was originally titled "Dawnsetter", but I felt "Dusksetter" sounded nicer lol

Palette of Order:

I really liked Dusksetter upon listening to it for the first time and I very quickly got the image of what the cover art would be. Since it would have been difficult to reference all leitmotivs, I decided that Black gave a perfect opportunity to draw Jack Noir for the first time. As for Dave, there's no particular explanation, I just thought he was fitting with the rest of the art (and him fighting Jack Noir with his final sword does sound pretty sick).

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