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By Spiny spinydoughnut33 SoundCloud.
Cover art by Ender ender--slime Tumblr enderslime_ Instagram EnderSlimee Twitter enderslimeart Carrd.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 2:32.

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Artist commentary:


This was a city in an RPGStuck game I played in years ago. I made this theme for it. Below is the description i used from the GM:

Strikingly similar to Hiveswap’s Outglut, Grubheap is a series of the most basic, barely passable hives. If the caste of their tenants weren’t so laughable, one might note that Grubheap’s population by volume rivals that of the other larger settlements.

While the problems of low-caste society are always present (poverty, drone-kidnapping, general threat of culling), some still proudly call Grubheap their home- without sarcasm. As the locals say: “We may be in the shit... but at least we’re in the shit together.”


I listened to "Grubheap" before I read Spiny's commentary for it, and immediately imagined the shittiest possible place in Alternia. Looks like we were both on the same wavelength! The word "Grubheap" reminded me of a trash heap. This translated to, in the composition of the piece at least, to a dirty, wet, garbage filled back alleyway, and an average guy just doing his best to survive. I've also been playing quite a lot of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk recently, and was itching to draw some graffitti. This rustblood tagging his own city as a "grubheap" shows, in my mind, how the only thing he really wants is to just get the hell outta here someday. Me and Spiny decided that he takes a hit by taking off his mask and then putting it back on, and that he's an Heir of Mind. Special thanks to my good friend Vapor (@vapor_spams) for the guidance on the red and blue lighting!

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