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[S] DISC 2 ==>

track cover

By Grace Medley power46 Bandcamp user-743933328 SoundCloud power464646 Twitter power464646 Tumblr.
Cover art by Horizonseek Studios horizonseek Bandcamp meta70914 YouTube and Ucklin ucklin SoundCloud ucklin Tumblr ucklin Twitter (feat.).
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 0:20.

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Tracks that [S] DISC 2 ==> references:

Artist commentary:

Horizonseek Studios:

when talking abt disc2/3 track art ucklin took a cool photo n circlejourney gave it the lofam palette [blues n whites]

i liked the idea of it being used for the disc trax so i kinda traced it in my own style used a similar palette n added more lofamy stuff

it was fun n simpler 2 make than moonlight riders n since ppl liked it it ended up in front of ur eyes in its current form

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