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Waltz in A Minor "Homestuck" (Op. 9)

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By casualclassical casualclassical Tumblr contrairyart Tumblr contrairyart Instagram michellekchen Twitter michellekchen Ko-fi.
Cover art by Kett kettleskanvas DeviantArt Other.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 3:26.

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Tracks that Waltz in A Minor "Homestuck" (Op. 9) references:

Artist commentary:


This arrangement is inspired by the Waltzes written by Romantic composer Fryderyk Chopin, from its instrumentation of solo piano to its form and structure. In addition to SBURBan Jungle, which I see as the main theme of Homestuck, I used the character themes of the three main session leaders: John, Karkat, and Jane.


The image that came to mind immediately upon hearing this song was a dark ballroom and the silhouette of John, Jane and Karkat doing the Waltz together.

Part way through this piece I had a moment where I could only picture Karkat using grey for his silhouette, which didn’t work so I changed it to Prospit instead. Unfortunately during this time I completely forgot how windows worked. Like seriously, I spent hours looking up refs of windows and how to put a frame around the SBURB/SGRUB logos because brain.exe broke.

With Prospit I put Skaia in the background, but eventually switched it back to the original dark version with feedback from the team, but still keeping Skaia. Karkat’s silhouette changed to red to stand out, and I added the additional windows either end; Beforus SGRUB on the left, Caliborn’s singular on the right.

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