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track cover

Tags: Jade

By nononimo ( SoundCloud ).
Cover art by nononimo ( SoundCloud ).
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 3:05.

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Tracks that Sunslambo references:

Artist commentary:


old-ish remix of sunslammer i thought i lost on my old hard drive that drowned but i found a wav of it on my google drive so it is saved :)

Makin: (album management)

"Breakbeat" and especially "Breakcore" sound like names of Homestuck fan-adventures after all the good names have been taken. That adventure would sadly never get past the introduction of the third kid, entering a hiatus after he captchalogues the hair gel used to maintain his 2000-style frosted tips. That guy might sound very unlike you and me, but I bet he would love this song, as you're about to.

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